Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rewind: December 3-7, 2012

With the first week of December gone, I'm starting to finally feel the spirit of the holiday season pulling at my heart strings (it started pulling on my purse strings weeks ago!). It is time for my family and me to start searching for a Christmas tree and for me to string up the outdoor lights.

Luckily, tomorrow's weather should be good for both.

This week on The Brown Knowser, I got into the holiday spirit with one festive photo shoot. Here's what I was up to:
  • Where In Ottawa: The December Edition—solved in less than two minutes, this month's challenge wasn't a challenge after all. I think I'll have to start 2013 with a real stumper.
  • Beer O'Clock: Going Beyond the Pale—Ottawa's newest brewery received a lot of attention this week, having appeared in other blogs and in the papers. I give my opinion of three of their inaugural offerings.
  • Wordless Wednesday: Building 21—the location of Where In Ottawa is revealled in pictures. This Agriculture Canada building is located in the Experimental Farm, almost across the street from the Civic Hospital, on Carling Avenue. The greenhouse glows like a beacon and called to me.
  • If I Had a Time Machine—remembering one of my earliest childhood friends, an adventurer who just couldn't stop exploring. While the writing tries to be creative, the story, sadly, is not fiction. This post, by the way, was the 400th one for The Brown Knowser. Thanks for continuing to read.
  • Photo Friday: Naughty or Nice—why can't it be both? My second foray into studio photography. For those of you who asked to see more, check out my 500px photos. I'll be adding one or two there.
Enjoy your weekend!

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