Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget

I remember when Remembrance Day was a time where we didn't work, we didn't go to school. It was a time when we really stopped and thought about the men an women who served their country, who sacrificed so much for the lifestyle that we now seem to take for granted.

Today, our war veterans must feel that they've been given the bum shaft. With the exception of the civil servants, most people go about their daily routine as though November 11 was just another day. For those who take that day off, the stores are happy to serve them: Christmas is just a little more than six weeks away, after all.

Not even our government seems to give our veterans the respect that they deserve. Cuts to funding, deeming that injured veterans, who can no longer serve their country because they've been injured overseas, mean that these poor people are cut loose without pensions. Veterans Affairs offices are closing across the country, leaving vets without support systems.

Clearly, the government has forgotten those soldiers.

On this Remembrance Day, take the time to truly honour those who have served our country over all the past wars. If you do receive the day off, don't shop: go to whatever community event is planned for this day. Approach a veteran, and thank him or her.

If you work, observe a moment of silence. Think of the servicemen and women, who, at 11:00, will be standing at our national memorial. Give them some of your time.

Because if we don't, Lest We Forget will be a meaningless phrase.

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