Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Monday: Non Populus

I'm going to try something new on The Brown Knowser, something that will take a few minutes of your time but where you won't have to do much reading.

It's called Music Mondays.

I will take some time to share some music with you, be it a SoundCloud clip or a video. It's music that I like for various reasons, whether I've followed a band or a performer for a period of time and thought you might like to be introduced to him, her, or them, or to maybe share a song that you may also know and like.

The first song I want to share is a song by Matthew Good, called Non Populus, from his album Lights of Endangered Species. I've been following Matthew Good's music for about five or six years, long after the Matthew Good Band split up, but I liked the power of the lyrics, the driving beats, and the powerful guitars and keyboards.

Matt Good's voice can be charged, powerful, and emotional. I have sometimes described him as Canada's answer to Morrissey, without the seeming arrogance and self-absorption.

I love to listen to Matt Good when I'm in a solemn mood, when I can just close my eyes, sit back, and take in the music.

Non Populus is one of my favourite of his songs. It starts of slow and slowly builds, has a powerful instrumental section, with great guitar riffs. The piano drives this song but does not overpower. And the percussion is crisp and clean. It's more than eight minutes long, so if you have the time, have a listen.


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