Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo Friday: Don't Blink

Remember that Doctor Who episode, entitled "Blink"?

That is my favourite of all Doctor Who episodes. Lori even returned from New York City, this summer, with a blue t-shirt with the TARDIS on it, and it read: Keep Calm and Don't Blink. Great shirt, only it was a women's shirt that was way too small for me.

I want that shirt. In a men's large size.

There are a set of statues downtown, at Sussex and Rideau streets, that remind me of that Doctor Who episode. The statues are angels, but don't really look like the weeping angels that sent the Doctor and Martha back in time. However, whenever I see these statues, I don't dare take my eyes off them.

I don't dare blink.

Happy Friday.

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