Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's In a Name?

Several months ago, when my family and I were visiting our favourite sporting-goods store, I took a photo as we were walking up to the building. I don't know why I had decided to take the shot: most likely, because the lighting was so good.

I'm glad I took the photo.

This photo has not been retouched: the colours and lighting are exactly as I shot them.
Maybe that's why I kept the photo: the colours and clean letters really pop out.

A month ago, driving through Westboro, I passed MEC (pronounced "meck") and noticed something different: the sign had changed.

I noticed the new logo when I downloaded the store's app on my iPhone and also saw it when I received ads by e-mail, but it didn't sink in until I saw the large green square and three initials on the store.

Yes, the difference is like day and night (see what I did there?)

The new logo sucks.

The old logo identified the store, showed it's purpose. The mountains, M-shaped and angled towards the stores full name, Mountain Equipment Co-op, represented the great outdoors, showed that this was a store that was Canada's premier place to find the best in mountain-climbing gear, camp equipment, and canoeing supplies. The rich green also symbolized nature.

The new logo is plain, says nothing about what the store is. It's as dull and as non-descriptive as GAP or KFC. And what in nature is that hideous, fluorescent green? It's unnatural.

So disappointed, MEC. So disappointed.

I hope you find your way back to nature, because now, you just look like another corporation.


MEC has read this post and has responded to me through Twitter, as have some of my readers. Thank you. Let MEC know how you feel about the new logo: do you like it? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section.

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