Friday, November 22, 2013

Photo Friday: Day to Night

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day. Sunshine and warm temperatures meant that my family and I took advantage of the day and headed downtown to check out the Poutine Festival, on Sparks Street.

If you saw this week's Wordless Wednesday, you saw some of the photos I took while we waited in line and sampled some interesting variations on a classic Québec dish.

After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves (I love poutine, but after four different samples I thought I would be sick), we further wandered the downtown area to try to burn off some of those evil calories (Lori and I aren't doing very well with our diet). We visited the War Memorial and went to the Byward Market.

I took some photos of the memorial with my iPhone, marveling at the beautiful blue background of the sky, and I decided to play with the photos to give the effect of turning the day to night. A great way to do that is to convert the photo to black and white and apply a red filter to intensify the contrast between bright objects and anything that is blue.

Here are a couple of the shots I took, without any adjustments at all (just the way I shot them):

After I took these shots, I brightened them, enhanced the contrast, and pumped up the vibrancy. And then I applied a black-and-white effect with a red filter. Here's what I got:

Day becomes night. What do you think?

Happy Friday!

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