Thursday, July 5, 2012

Experimenting Ahead

You may have to bear with me over the next couple of weeks.

You see, I'll be on the road during that time, on vacation, and for the first time ever, I'm leaving my laptop at home. And I'll be putting all of my faith in—gulp—my iPad.

It scares the crap out of me.

In April, I tried this experiment without success. I took my tablet to Ajax, during my kids' dance competition, and tried to post a couple of blog entries. What I learned was that my blog engine, Blogger, doesn't work well on the iPad. It doesn't like switching between WYSIWYG and HTML.

It doesn't like importing photos and placing them where I want them.

It wouldn't let me insert hyperlinks.

In total frustration, I sought help from the front desk of our hotel, and because I was blogging late at night and there was only one person working the counter, the night desk worker let me use one of the two computers (they had a computer for guests, but it wasn't working).

This evening, for tomorrow's Photo Friday post, I'm going to test my iPad with a new app that I downloaded: Blogsy. It came highly recommended by some fellow bloggers, and so far I like the seemingly easy use (though I haven't actually used it to compose or publish a post). But, if tonight's post works, my iPad will come along for the ride.

And, with any luck, it will allow me to post throughout my trip.

Otherwise, I'll be pretty quiet over the next couple of weeks.

Wish me luck.

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