Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Friday: City at Night

On Wednesday evening, I decided to test the tripod that I received for Father's Day by heading out to take some time-lapse photos of the city. I was originally thinking of heading down to Lebreton Flats or Victoria Island, to shoot the cityscape, but I remembered that the Bluesfest had opened that evening and traffic would be a challenge.

So, instead, I headed to Bate Island, on the Ottawa River, through which the Champlain Bridge runs.

One of the advantages to Bate Island is that it is dark, which is something that helps when you're taking time-lapse photos. At the time of night that I set out to do some shooting, I expected the island to be deserted.

Was I wrong.

Throughout the half hour that I took photos, cars circled the lot, around and around again. Surprisingly, in the pitch black of the fields and paths, people wandered or circled on bicycles without lights.

It was all very suspicious and made me wonder if I would have to use my tripod as a club.

I have an idea as to what the activity was all about, but I'm going to reserve comment or judgement. Instead, like that evening, I'll concentrate on the photos.

Like this one.


This is a 30-second exposure at f/18 with my zoom lens set at 300mm. Some post-production enhancement was done, on my iPad, with Snapseed.

One of the things I learned, when I saw the downloaded photo was that I should have secured the tripod. There was a gusty breeze that set the camera strap flapping and smacking against the tripod. If you look carefully, you can see that the image isn't perfectly sharp.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to experiment with more time-lapse photography. I expect to have something to show for next week.

Happy Friday!

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