Thursday, July 26, 2012


My family and I were on vacation when we learned of the shooting tragedies in Toronto and Colorado. They are horrible stories and my heart goes out to the victims of these senseless acts.

The circumstances around these events were different on many fronts: the Toronto assault was apparently gang related, whereas the Colorado shootings were a random act by a wacko.

But this week, as I follow news and Twitter feeds, I'm learning of a difference in public reactions to the events. In Canada, public reaction is centering on fighting gang-related crime and getting guns off the streets. In Colorado, on the other hand, people are flocking to gun shops, stocking up on weapons.

From what I've heard, sales for firearms in Colorado have increased by 44 percent. There are now more guns in the hands of untrained citizens. That means there will be more bullets flying the next time a shootout occurs.

More than a year ago, I shared my thoughts on guns in America.

Looking on these recent events, I see that nothing has changed, and I shake my head.

Way to go, America. Way to go.


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