Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Friday: Perspective

I have been to Florida before, back in 1990. But I've never thought of it as the South.

I've never thought much of the South before, but when I have it has been of old times, of Southern gentlemen and fine ladies, sipping iced tea or lemonade, saying "I do declare" and resenting those damned Yankees.

After spending some time in Savannah and Charleston, I've seen the South as it really is and have gained a new perspective on life in this part of the United States.

I liked what I saw.

As part of that new perspective, I took some shots from new angles. I got down low and I looked up. As I did in this shot.

On a horse-drawn carriage ride through Charleston, I sometimes didn't even look through my view finder to compose my shot: I simply extended my arm outside of the carriage, pointed, and pressed the shutter release. As I did in this shot. And no, I don't have a preview display on my camera, so I didn't know what I'd get until after I pressed the button. On a moving carriage, I only had one chance to get the shot. What I found were new angles, new ways to look at a building. (I was also shocked to learn that I was able to get the entire building in the frame of the photo; nothing was cut off.)

Shooting low also gives the impression of height in your subject. While both of these buildings were tall anyway, they appear massive when shot lower to the ground, looking straight up.

I've looked at this part of the United States in a new way, in a new light. I've gained a new perspective. I've looked up.

Washington, DC. Looking up from the bottom of a subway entrance.
Happy Friday!


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