Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rewind: November 19-23, 2012

Did you see yesterday's sunrise? The one in Ottawa, that is.


Because I was already at work when the sun painted our cloudy sky, I was limited as to what I could capture. Sadly, this is all I got.

But there's another Ottawa blogger that I follow who was thinking about sunrise long before I did, who was set up long before I pulled into the office parking lot. His name is Chris, and his blog is Ottawa seen 365 ways in 365 days.

And the photos that he shot yesterday morning are nothing short of amazing. Go on, go check them out. And then come back.

Stellar, yes?

With those photos in mind, why not check out what I was up to this week? Here's the roundup of The Brown Knowser:
Enjoy your weekend!

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