Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rewind: November 12-16, 2012

Well, it was one of those weeks.

I was exhausted, overloaded at work, with things piling up at home, and I felt uninspired. And yet, I continued to blog.

I'm sure it showed.

Sure, The Brown Knowser started like any typical week, with me reviewing a great Ontario craft beer. But that's all I had in my pocket.

Let's take a look at what I offered you this week:
  • Beer O'Clock: Double-Hopping Mad—as I said, this review looks at a great beer from one of my favourite Ontario breweries. The week started off as it usually does.
  • On Your Wish List—I shamelessly try to sell my book. Sure, I need to do that every once and a while, but the idea only came to me after I realized I had nothing in my idea bucket.
  • Wordless Wednesday: Time Machine 7—on Tuesday night, I realized that I hadn't gone out shooting photos for a while. I grabbed an old negative album and scanned the first set that brought back memories. I like sharing old photos, but to me, this set seemed like me, being lazy. I usually like taking my time to find photos that I'm particularly proud of. Time constraints on Tuesday didn't give me that luxury. At least the photo that I included of myself got me thinking: I'm holding my camera, and yet the negatives came from my camera (the USA Today box is the next frame). Mystery.
  • Focused for a Month—I wasn't very focused on Thursday night, so I thought I'd write about my new car, giving the pros and cons of the vehicle, much the way I did with my iPhone after a couple of months with it. It's a pseudo-review.
  • Photo Friday: Self-Hacked—I was stumped when I signed up for this photography-club project, and I was more interested in the pattern that I created in the Curves graph than in the outcome. Luckily for me, my laziness gave me an interesting result.
So that was my lazy week. It happens. The purpose of my blog is to keep me writing and to entertain you at the same time. I can't write five days a week (six days, if you count this recap) and not expect to have a few dud posts.

But take heart. I have some good ideas for next week. I hope to be inspired this weekend and get a good jump on my posts.

Until then, enjoy your weekend.

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