Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rewind: November 5-9, 2012

Before I provide a breakdown of this week's Brown Knowser posts, I wanted to share a photo that I planned to use yesterday, for Photo Friday, but didn't because November's Where In Ottawa had been solved and needed to be revealled.

Not that yesterday's photos were bad. I love that building (still don't know why) and keep my fingers crossed that it won't be knocked down for one of glass and steel.

But here's the photo that I had planned to post:

Keep an eye out: this photo may appear on CBC Ottawa News next week.
We're getting into the waning days of autumn, where we won't be able to enjoy many more days like we've had (though the next few days sound like they're going to be glorious!).
So, while you're enjoying the days before the snow comes, take a few minutes to catch up on The Brown Knowser.
Enjoy your weekend!

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