Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo Friday: Bank & Slater

Once again, Where In Ottawa has been solved.

November's location is the quaint, three-story building on the south-west corner of Bank and Slater streets. Congratulations to Debra Cowie, who solved the challenge.

For years, I have loved this building and I'm not sure why. I think what makes it so eye-catching is that it stands out among the towering glass, concrete, and steel buildings behind it. Ever since I started Where In Ottawa, I've wanted to use it.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. You'd think you'd find olive oil here, but you don't: at least, as far as I know. The play was on the Popeye's Supplements store in this building, and I was actually refering to Olive Oyl.
  2. A photographer's building: on the south-facing wall, an ad for an old photography studio is still displayed.
  3. A building you can bank on: the address of the building is Bank Street.
I have to say, I hesitated when Debra submitted her guess. In past months, I have stipulated that if you're with me when I take the pictures that are used in the challenge, you can't play. In fact, Debra was with me when I took the Where In Ottawa photo: I shot it when I was leading her and others during my Brown Knowser Photo Walk.

However, because I didn't provide that rule this month, I didn't feel it was fair to mention it when I read her guess. I should always state that stipulation up front, just as I always say tht if you've won already, you can't win the book again. You can only win bragging rights.

So, way to go, Debra! Enjoy the book.

The next challenge is December 3.

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