Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo Friday: Self-Hacked

Sometimes, I love doing something really nuts with my photos. I love playing with special effects to see how I can change a photo.

A few weeks ago, I joined Ottawa Photographer Meetup and have attended three meetups. The latest one was related to one of the first themes I joined: self portraits. I had to take a photo of myself, showing an emotion. I chose to look contemplative, shooting myself watching the sun rise. It's the photo that I now use for this blog and for my Twitter avatar.

For the next challenge, I had to take my self portrait and hack it. Do something to alter it.

I chose to play with the Curves feature in PaintShop Pro, which alters the brightness, contrast, and colour saturation. I use this feature more than any other in PaintShop to fine-tune my photos. But when I over-manipulate the curves, I can get some really wild effects.

Like this:

This is what I submitted for the challenge. I think it looks psychedelic. What do you think?

Happy Friday!

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