Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Because my girls have iPods, they download lots of kids games, most of which are free.

I like free, because I don't have to say "no" very often to the kids' requests to download them, and if the games are crap we can delete them with no feelings that we wasted money.

A couple of the games that they've downloaded are good enough that I, myself, have added them to my devices. For example, I like Jetpack Joyride and Mega Run: they're simple games where you have a character that runs and jumps over obstacles while trying to collect goodies. I'm actually quite addicted to Mega Run.

One of the downsides of free games is that pop-ups appear, advertising other games to download. Every time I start a new round of Mega Run, I am offered other free games that I quickly reject. Most of the games look rather lame, but lately I've seen one game that has shocked me.

This game:


Seriously, are these types of games aimed at my daughters? What is our society trying to teach our kids? That they can try and create their dream partner, deciding what he is to wear and how he is to act? If so, we are setting young girls up for failure and disappointment.

There is no way that guys would get sucked into stupid games where we pick out our ideal girlfriends, I told myself as I closed the Boyfriend ad.

I was wrong.

We live in one fucked-up society, people.

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