Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Some say, on days like these, at this time of year, "It's cold outside." They wear looks of awe and surprise, of disbelief at the prospect of bare skin turning numb and blue.

I say, "What do you expect? It's winter, in Ottawa. Button up your coat. Cover your head. Protect your ears and hands."

It's as though the memory of last year, where we had no respite from the Arctic air, was completely forgotten, like it didn't happen at all.

On Sunday, as the rain drizzled down, I wore a t-shirt as I carried the season's Christmas tree outside. The next day, I wore four layers to get from my doorstep to my car, thankful that the seats heat up.

Traditionally, January is the coldest month of the year. This week, our city will re-experience that tradition. It doesn't matter that the sun, that giant fireball, is burning brightly, that the sky is blue. It's a ruse: clear skies bring the coldest days.

See the ice, glistening on the trees, shimmering from that bright sunlight? It's not melting for a reason.

It's cold outside. Are you surprised?

You must be new to Canada.


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