Friday, January 9, 2015

Photo Friday: I Love Trees

Who doesn't?

Trees, all trees, are ever-changing. As living entities, that's to be expected.

Trees look different in all sorts of lighting, in all weather. I can look at a tree one day, and the next find something new to marvel over.

When I returned from vacation, late last summer, I moved to a new location in my office. Because of this change, I find myself entering and exiting the building from a side entrance, rather than the main one.

There's a long, straight path that leads from the parking lot to this side door. To one side of this path, at a short distance, a stand of evergreens creates a barrier to the front parking lot of the office property. They are tall trees, towering twice as high as the building. As I walk the path, approaching or leaving the office, I find these trees capture my attention, call to me.

Lately, they've been asking me to capture an image of them.

And I oblige.

That's love.

Happy Friday!

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