Monday, January 26, 2015

Music Monday: Move Me

They say it's sometimes the smallest things that can have the biggest impact on us.

Take, for example, the Scot in me. I have, at best, a dram of Scottish blood, but I love all things Scottish. My main character in my novel is from North Berwick, just east of Edinburgh. I married a woman who is half-Scots. One of my favourite authors is from Scotland. And, for the past eight years, I have celebrated Robbie Burns Day in Ottawa's foremost Scottish pub, The Highlander.

For the first couple of years, I went to The Highlander with colleagues from work. Then, for five years, it became a tradition with my father and me. And this year, because he was out of town, I brought my wife and kids, and we feasted on haggis, nips, and tatties, and we washed it all down with some single-malt whisky.

My thanks go to the staff, for putting on their usual outstanding show, and to Ken, the owner, who chatted with me about fine Islay malts, and who shared some rare, 25-year-old Laphroaig.

I never feel more Scottish than when I'm at The Highlander.

Do you know what else I love that's Scottish? The awesome music of Midge Ure.

And because he's coming to the Ottawa area for my 50th birthday, I want you to spend this special show with me.

Doing so would greatly move me.

If you can come out on Tuesday, March 3, to the Black Sheep Inn, in Wakefield, I would be honoured. You can buy the tickets by clicking here, and then you could let me know that you're coming by going here.

Or just show up and surprise me. I like those kinds of surprises. I know that it would be no small thing for you to commit to a show on a week night. Small things have big impacts: just think what a big thing like this would do.

For Music Monday, here is one of Midge Ure's songs, You Move Me.

Happy Monday!

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