Friday, January 2, 2015

Photo Friday: Look Hoo's In The Neighbourhood

When my wife and I first bought our house and moved in, in January of 2000, we said that we would stay in our first home for five years; for 10, if we liked our neighbours. It's a small house, and we believed that as our family grew, we'd need more space.

Fifteen years into being in our house, we have no plans for going anywhere. We love our neighbours, our kids have great friends, and as our community has grown, we have found that there's no where else where we'd rather be.

Living outside the Greenbelt, we have had our fair share of wildlife. Deer, coyotes, and turkeys have all been spotted in South Nepean. And at this time of year, we have seen snowy owls close to home.

For the second time on New Years Eve, a beautiful snowy owl has perched himself atop a street light on the street over from my house: perhaps it's even the same owl, perhaps the same owl that I photographed several years ago in the park across from my street.

So, on New Years Eve, I captured this neighbour as he stared down at me. He (or she) is another reason why I love my neighbourhood.

Happy Friday, and Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you peace and happiness.

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  1. Unfortunately, the only things decorating the street lights (and sidewalks, and street signs, and mail boxes, and benches...) in my hood are pigeons and seagulls. It's disgusting :-P Lucky you! Happy new year to you all. -AVW