Thursday, August 3, 2017

Beer O'Clock: Celebrating Waller Street

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since I first walked down those steep, narrow steps and walked past that thick, black door that led into what was little more than a crawlspace beneath a more-than-a-century-old structure, just south of the Byward Market and around the corner from Ottawa's old court house and jail.

Almost a century ago, this small hideaway was a prohibition-era speakeasy. It's easy to believe, given that it's not easily spotted from the street.

It's that character that head brewer and owner of Waller Street Brewing, Marc-André Chainey, has preserved so well. And, I'm happy to say that two years later, his brewery is thriving. More selections, increased staff, and an assistant brewer. If Marc-André gets any more successful, he'll need more space. A lot more space.

To celebrate Waller Street's second anniversary, the folks at the brewery are having a party this Friday, August 4, and you're invited.

Don't worry: they won't expect you to just cram around their small bar (but you can, and wouldn't that be cozy?). As they said in prohibition days, they'll be out on the roof—slang for I'm going out for a drink.

The party starts at 4:00, on the patio at Level One, just next to where you head down to the brewery, on 14 Waller Street. The party will also be held in the brewery, so you can still check out that space and take a step back in time.

The party wraps up at 11:00. In seven hours, expect new brew releases, live Jazz music, and nibblies. Meet the brewers and raise a glass (or two*—it's their second anniversary, after all!). I hope to see you there.


* Please celebrate responsibly. 

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