Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Binge TV

I don't know why I pay for my TV service, when 90 percent of my television viewing is through Netflix. Only 10 percent of what I watch comes from network television, often from CBC, CTV, or Global, and even that gets watched after the fact.

On demand.

I'm hooked on a couple of shows that I binge-watch; usually, three or four episodes at a time. On a particularly lazy evening, I may watch five or six in one sitting.

It started with Breaking Bad, which I had never seen until after the series had ended and all the hype had died down. But I loved that show, couldn't get enough of it. I started watching the show with DW, but when she became busy and couldn't watch with me, I pulled ahead and, before I knew it, I was more than a season ahead of her.

DD14 and I binge-watched The Walking Dead, are stuck at the end of season six, at a brutal, cliff-hanger ending. We can't wait for Netflix to bring season seven.

Lately, I've begun watching the American adaptation to Shameless, and again, DW and I grew out of sync because we couldn't wait for the other before watching an episode. Or four.

For a while, I was more than a season ahead of her, but then DW would download episodes onto her tablet and watch them while I edited my photos or wrote my blog posts. She's now a season ahead of me.

However we watch shows on Netflix, we both agree that it's eating all of our spare time away, that it's bad for us.

It never stops us from doing it, though.

What shows do you binge-watch?

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