Monday, August 7, 2017

Where In Ottawa LXVII

It seems like it hasn't been long since the last Where In Ottawa ran: and, of course it hasn't been that long.

Usually, I run my photo challenge on the first Monday of the month, but I have to admit that in July, I forgot. And so, I ran it a week later.

July's challenge took more than a month to solve, and it was only last Monday that I revealed the solution to the contest.

And here we are, the first Monday of August. Ready to play?

I have to start out by saying that every month, I receive guesses to the location of the photo by Twitter or Facebook; sometimes, by e-mail. Please don't do that.

The only way that I can show everybody who plays this game all the guesses and my responses is through the Comments section of this post. It shows the date and time of everybody's guess. Through this method, the game remains transparent to all players.

Sound fair?

If you're new to Where In Ottawa, here are the rules: below, I've posted a photo that I've shot in Canada's capital. Your job is to state exactly where the location is. Be as specific as possible: for example, last month's location was Heritage House, in the Experimental Farm. Because the Experimental Farm covers a large amount of territory and because there are several buildings on the farm, simply guessing the Experimental Farm is too general to win.

(This month's photo was not shot anywhere on the Experimental Farm.)

The first person to correctly identify the location—by leaving your guess in the Comments section to this post—wins. You can guess as many times as you like. There is no physical prize: you just get bragging rights and your name in an upcoming post that reveals the location.

Are you ready for this month's photo? Here it is:

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!



  1. Old Salvation Army church on Gladstone at Bank. Hope something nice opens in there soon!

    1. Yes! Congratulations, Chris, you are correct. I'll post the solution tomorrow. Can you let me know who you are?

    2. Yup! I'm Christopher Ryan, @chrisarrrrr on Twitter.