Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sally Ann Citadel

It's been vacant for many years. And to be honest, when I decided to capture images of the building for Where In Ottawa, I didn't know what it had been.

It took some digging, but I learned that the building at 391 Gladstone Avenue, near Bank Street, built in 1911, was once the Salvation Army Citadel for Ottawa.

Congratulations to Christopher Ryan, who shares my love of photography and architectural history, as his blog shows.

Because Chris had solved the challenge so quickly, no clues were necessary. Good thing: I only had a few lined up.

According to Shaker Realty, which had listed the vacant building, it is now sold. It will be interesting to see how this structure evolves into its next incarnation.

Because it's across the street from Dave's Drum Shop, where DD14 buys most of her percussion equipment, I hope to capture images as the new tenants move in.

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, September 4.


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