Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another 100

My cycling has sucked this summer.

Since the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, I have been on my road bike a grand total of...


On that beautiful Sunday afternoon, when my exhausted body returned home, I removed my bicycle from the back of my van and, with tired arms, I hung the bike, upside-down, by its well-travelled wheels, from the hooks in the ceiling of my garage, where it has remained ever since.

Because I had fractured my wrist a few days before the 200-kilometre, two-day ride from Perth to Kingston, and back, and the ride was more painful than the beating my butt took, I wanted to rest it for the few weeks that the doctor had recommended.

And then, I got used to not riding my bike. And even though my wrist started feeling better and I kept telling myself that I needed to get back on my bike, day after day I continued to sit on my ass.

I need to ride again.

And I will, and have, starting last weekend, although my first ride as slow, over a short distance, on my hybrid Schwinn. The training must resume, because I have signed up for another long ride.

On October 3, I will ride from Ottawa to Vankleek Hill with a bunch of other cycling enthusiasts—and beer lovers. To Beaus' Oktoberfest. And I need your help.  

This ride is to raise money for The United Way. Please sponsor me by going to the following site. The more I raise, the harder I'll work to train.

It's a win-win situation.

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