Friday, August 28, 2015

Photo Friday: Water Park

I'm sure on a hot summer day, nobody cares that it's a small strip: when the water is flowing, it's a cool welcome.

As the construction of Lansdowne Park comes to an end, I see the beauty of the grounds. There are lots of open spaces, lots of places to play, and lots to do.

There's the stadium, where the north side remains as it always has. Same with Aberdeen Pavilion, also affectionately known as the Cattle Castle. New buildings offer shopping, pubs (with local, craft beer), and a movie cinema. There's Whole Foods and a well-stocked LCBO.

I wish I lived in this part of the Glebe.

Instead, I'll visit it, day and night, and I'll bring my camera.

For this week's Photo Friday, I chose the water park, at night, after the water has been shut off and the people have gone home. At this hour, it's not just the back half, with the angled column, that is the art.

It's all beautiful.

Happy Friday!

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