Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's the Vitriol That I Can't Stand

It's not just that they were found guilty of election fraud, or found in contempt of Parliament.

It's not the loathing for the media, which is evident in the gagging of scientists and the fear and intimidation that is beaten into the civil servants.

It's not the childish and petty attack ads that use distorted sound bites, quotes, and distorting of facts to scare the uneducated into believing every word they say.

It's the overall negativity, the fear mongering, and total absence of a sense of vision, a lack of hope for a bright future.

They are the Evil Galactic Empire of Canada.

A climate of contempt for the average Canadian has been cultivated by the Harper Government.

Please get out and vote. 

I leave you with some wise words for a prime minister in the depths of a scandal:

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