Friday, August 7, 2015

Photo Friday: Bridge

It's called the Prince of Wales Bridge, but not many people know that. When one hears Prince of Wales in Ottawa, one often thinks of the road that starts at the north end of Dow's Lake, meanders between the Arboretum and the Central Experimental Farm, and runs south, along the west side of the Rideau River, towards North Gower.

But no, this abandoned, 135-year-old railway bridge spans the Ottawa River and crosses Lemieux Island, where the occasional pedestrian ignores the prohibition signs to stroll to Québec, or to come in the opposite direction, into Ontario.

It's rusted beams show graffiti artwork or the initials of those lovers who profess their enduring love.

In the summer, weeds cling to it as they reach for light over one another, adding to the sense of abandonment. In this state of deterioration, it's a beautiful site.

My thanks to friend and fellow photographer, James Peltzer, for reminding me of this picturesque spot. James was also the winner of this month's Where In Ottawa, when he correctly identified Mud Lake, between the Britannia Yacht Club and the water-filtration facilities, along the Ottawa River. Mud Lake has a nature trail and is one of Ottawa's bird sanctuaries.

Congratulations, James!

Happy Friday!

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