Monday, August 31, 2015

Music Monday: All You Sons And Daughters

It's fitting, I think, that I end my Music Monday series where I began, with Matthew Good.

In November, nearly two years ago, I was searching for an idea for a blog post, and not coming up with much. I had a touch of writer's block, as can happen often when I try to write almost every day. While I was wracking my brain, I was listening to Matt Good's album, Lights of Endangered Species, when his song, "Non Populus" started. I love the gentle start to the song and the gradual build. Songs such as this, and "Weapon" are why Matt is one of my favourite artists.

His latest album, Chaotic Neutral, comes out on September 25, and I can't wait. I consider myself to be chaotic-neutral, always chose that alignment when I played Dungeons and Dragons, in high school. I like to stir things up and I don't tend to weigh heavily one way or another when I encounter something new.

Matt has released one song on Chaotic Neutral, complete with a video. The song, "All You Sons And Daughters," is classic Good: haunting lyrics and strong instrumentation. Check it out:

As I said, this is my final Music Monday. Next week, I'll be bringing you the latest Where In Ottawa challenge, and by the following Monday, I'm hoping that I won't have a writer's block and will be able to come up with something new.

Happy Monday!

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