Monday, August 17, 2015

Music Monday: The Shade

My family and I are counting the days: only one week until vacation.

We are going to be hanging around the house for the first couple of days, trying to get it in order, so that when we return from our trip, the house will be a welcoming place for us. My wife and kids will be going camping for a few days (my days of camping are over), and we will meet up at a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula.

My trip will be also involving some stops along the way, both before our cottage escape and after, as I take in some Ontario craft breweries. One of them, a brand-new brew house, is in the delightful town of Elora.

I wish that we were in Elora this past weekend, instead: there was a music festival that featured two of my favourite Canadian bands, Sam Roberts Band and Metric.

Metric is releasing a new album, this fall, entitled Pagans in Vegas. I'll be ordering it as soon as it's released, as I've never heard a song from them that I didn't like. And, fortunately, they've already released one song from the album, "The Shade," which is available as a free download from Google Play and iTunes.

Here's the video. Have a listen. (And as a heads up, there's no point in watching the video. I shows nothing. I think it's a placeholder for a future video, as it only shows the image of the song title, and let's face it: if you can't see Emily Haines, there's no point in watching anything else. Luckily, the song is great, so you can play it while you do something else.)

I'm sorry that I missed them in concert, in Elora (they put on a great show), but I hope that I can catch them the next time that they play in Ottawa.

Happy Monday!

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