Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Better Late Than Never?

I'm so lame.

There are times when I can drag my butt so badly that it carves a groove in the ground. And lately, I tend to do it more after I've made a promise to do something.

Back in the fall, I was the official photographer for the Barrhaven Oktoberfest, hosted by HogsBack Brewing. It was a lot of fun, especially when I got to meet George Wendt and share a beer with the former star of Cheers!

Another great celebrity with whom I'm a fan is Shaun Majumder, of 22 Minutes and Majumder Manor fame.

Shaun participated in a couple games through the day, while filming for 22 Minutes (when I watched the segment on TV that week, I saw myself for perhaps a half of a second), such as the stein race and the stein hold, where contestants held a large stein full of beer, arm outstretched, for as long as they could without spilling any beer.

Over the course of the day, Shaun and I chatted, and he even met my parents (my mom even bought him a beer). Eventually, Shaun asked me if I could send him photos from the event, and I gladly agreed. We exchanged Twitter nicknames and he sent me his e-mail address.

And then I forgot.

Actually, it's not so much that I forgot, but rather I became busy, cleaning up photos and preparing them for the festival organizers (the ones who paid me for the event). By the time I completed that project, I had started another one.

And then got busy with my writing. And then life's routine took over.

Over the months, I would remember that I hadn't sent Shaun his photos, but I would always remember when I was away from my computer. I remembered almost every time I saw him on TV, but I was too busy enjoying the show, and then I'd forget again.

I'm sorry, Shaun. I really dropped the ball.

Last night, after nearly six months, I set an alarm to remind me to get the photos to Mr. Majumder, and when that alarm went off, I made myself sit down and get it done. No distractions.

I haven't forgotten only about Shaun's photos. I've promised many people that I'd send them photos and then never got around to it. Recently, after WinterBrewed, I promised a friend and a brewery that I would send them copies of photos. Not only have I not done that (I swear I'll do it after this post), but I still haven't even sent the photos to the WinterBrewed organizer (this week, I promise!).

Shaun, if you're reading this post, I hope that you received your photos and are pleased with what I've sent you. I apologize for the delay. Please forgive me.

I need more hours in the day.


  1. This reminded me of Berlin :) Even though I didn't drink beer from a stein quite that size.

    1. When I was in Berlin, I could barely speak the language so I kept to myself. One night, I entered a brauhaus along the Ku'damm and ordered "ein bier, bitte." I received the house beer and I remember it to be a light but chewy wheat ale. It came in a large fluted glass.

      The stein that Shaun is holding is filled with mostly water. Only enough beer to give it colour was added to it.

      You were better off with your smaller stein. At least you had real German beer.