Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lovers & Haters

Are you a lover or are you a hater?

I'm not a religious person but I firmly believe in the axiom that is held in all realms of faith: treat a person as you would like to be treated.

I'm not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, but I try to be a good person. I try to treat people in a respectful manner, to behave towards them in a way in which I would like them to reciprocate.

I've been following the news coming out of the United States on the same-sex marriage bill, and I've seen photos, of both sides, of people waving signs condemning gay marriage and others bashing the gay-haters.

From what I see, there's a lot of hate going on.

While I can understand the frustration of the supporters of gay rights, I think that they should firmly focus their attention on support for the people who are looking to have equal rights bestowed on them. Gay rights are human rights, and that kind of thing.

I, being a supporter of same-sex marriage, join in the frustration that is directed at those who are opposed. I don't see how allowing same-sex marriage will affect the day-to-day lives of the men and women who are waving their signs of hatred and condemnation. Signs that talk of a "gay agenda."

What agenda? Do these folks live in fear? Fear of what?

I have friends who are gay. Some, I've known since high school; others, I've known throughout my adult life; few, with whom I've been friends for only a short time. These wonderful people are just like any of my straight friends: they love to laugh, they are smart, insightful, caring. They enjoy a good drink (I have few friends who don't drink), a good book, a great movie.

The only thing that differentiates my gay friends from my straight friends is their sexual orientation. And their unexplainable love for Madonna.

I'm a lover: I love my friends. I love them for who they are. I wouldn't change anything about them.

With so much hate in the world—war, cruel regimes, Democrats versus Republicans—I believe that if two people love each other, want to spend the rest of their lives together, and be contributing members to society, who are we to complain that those people are the same gender?

To those who would want to spread condemnation and hatred, look to the Golden Rule: treat people—all people—the way you want to be treated.

Are you a lover or a hater?

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