Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo Friday: Another Foggy Sunrise

Sometimes, I think that posts like this one are a big of a sham.

Because it's Friday, I've made a ritual of showing you a photo. Preferably, it's a photo that I shot this week: something fresh and creative.

But because I didn't get out with my camera much this week, apart from when I went skiing on Sunday and with my Bate Island Project, I came up short with fresh photos. Last night, in a panic, I took some closeups of a collection of beer bottle caps that I've amassed, using my 40mm micro lens, but ultimately I wasn't happy with any of the shots that I took.

So I went through my archives, looking at some of the slides that I scanned but hadn't sorted. And I came up with this one.

This is a photo that I shot in 1988. On that particular morning, I arose long before the sun rose and drove all over Nepean. I took photos of old churches, of farms, of railway crossings, and, as the sun came over the horizon, foggy roadsides. Last week's Photo Friday was shot on the same morning, after this one was taken, before I returned home.

What can I say? I was profoundly inspired that morning and took some pictures of which I'm proud to show. Are you tired of them? Should I move on?

Happy Friday!

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