Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Friday: Love Your Maman

Of course, I love my mom.

I also love Maman.

For those of you who do not live in Ottawa, who have never visited my fair city, or know anything about the plenitude of attractions this city has to offer, let me tell you that the jewel of Canada's capital is, in my humble opinion, the National Gallery of Canada.

Within its confines is some of the best art that this country has to offer, plus the exhibitions that highlight works from around the globe. Even the building itself is an architectural gem, with its high-reaching columns and glass, its fountains, and its hallways.

Outside the gallery, in the main plaza at the front, stands a colossal statue by Parisienne artist, Louise Bourgeois. It is an eight-legged creature made of bronze, stainless steel, and marble: the marble being the eggs of the female spider, entitled Maman.

When Maman arrived at the gallery, in 2004, there was, as there always is, controversy over the expenditure on such a piece of art. The $3.2 million price tag was considered extravagant. The sculpture was too big. It was an eyesore that didn't fit in with the nearby Byward Market and Parliament Hill.

I loved Maman as soon as I saw her. She was terrifying. She was beautiful. I've taken countless photos of her from all sorts of angles. My favourite angle is to have her towering with the Great Hall behind her. Currently, the Great Hall is undergoing renovations, with all of its glass panels being replaced, and so these days it's tough to take that shot.

Last Sunday, I was on a photo walk that took me and a group of photogs from the Byward Market, to the National Gallery, to the Chateau Laurier, and onto Parliament Hill. Unable to take my preferred angle of Maman, I took my second-favourite angle.

I overexposed one of my shots because I wanted to play with the light and make some changes, post-production. In lightening the metal and oversaturating the colour, Maman takes on a different glow.

What do you think? You can see another shot of her, from a similar angle but with a normal exposure, on this week's Wordless Wednesday.

Happy Friday!

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