Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Several months ago, I wrote about how I joined a photographer's meetup group, that I joined this group to learn more about photography and to try shooting different things. However, since then, the only thing I seem to have done is to attend model shoots and gain some experience working with studio lighting and women in various states of disrobement.

Not that that's a bad thing.

I did attend a workshop that challenged me to take a self portrait that showed an emotion. That sort of worked: I don't know how well I conveyed an emotion but I liked the picture so much that I use it for this blog (look to your right, my friends).

Yesterday, we were given a challenge to shoot three images of the same subject and present it in monochrome—a single colour. Judging by the conversations that went around over this shoot, a lot of people seemed unclear as to what was expected.

Here is my impression of the theme for this shoot:

What do you think? (For the project, I didn't submit the sepia-toned angel.)

If you want to see what others did for this project, you can check out the photo meetup site.

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