Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm No Spammer

Last week, some of you may have received an e-mail from me that contained a date and time for the Subject line and a hyperlink. There was nothing else in the message.

If you received that e-mail, I hope you didn't click the link. Because it wasn't from me. My e-mail list got hacked, and surprisingly, many folks who I know only through LinkedIn were also affected, which made me wonder if there was a hacker working his or her way through that social media.

What bothers me the most about getting hacked is that people tend to distrust anything that comes from you in the future. It makes it difficult if I want to send you an e-mail in the future with a legitimate link.

Because I'm a writer, I tend to put some thought into any correspondence I send. So I'll place a clear title in the Subject line and I will preface any hyperlink with an explanation about where I'm planning to take you.

If I post a message from my laptop, my e-mail account includes a signature that contains my name, phone number, and links to this blog, my Songsaengnim blog, and my Twitter contact information. If I send a message from my iPad, it simply has my name, but I plan to elaborate on that signature (if I can ever remember to do it).

If I send a message from my iPhone, my signature is a convoluted message that roughly says that the message is sent from my portable, handheld device that lets me listen to music, check my e-mail, browse the Internet, take photos, and place phone calls. Or something like that.

In a nutshell, if you receive e-mail from me, the message within will clearly show you that what you're reading is from me.

My apologies to anyone who received the bogus e-mail and especially to those of you who clicked the link. I don't know where it took you but wherever it was, I hope it was harmless. I hope that whatever spam the message was, it didn't leave you thinking that I'm a spammer who sends useless crap.

That's not me.

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