Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I Am

I have a little notebook that I keep on me, just in case I think of an idea for a blog post and need to jot it down. Because some of my ideas are fleeting and I don't remember them two minutes later.

Yes, my mind works like that.

Many weeks ago, I had an idea for a post that talked about the sincerity of my blog and whether my readers were getting a picture of the real me. Was I accurately portraying myself or was I only showing the happy, carefree me who seemed to have his shit together and was leading a rosy life?

A couple of days ago, I read a blog post by my friend, Miriam, who essentially conveyed the same thoughts that I was bouncing around in my head. And yesterday, while working from home, I listened to an article on CBC Radio's Spark (Nora Young, by the way, has the sexiest radio voice) that explored the cyberworld and how people present themselves to others.

Because I'm a writer, I tell stories on my blog: some are totally fictitious, some are true, and some have been embellished in a way that makes them easier to tell, easier to read. But I've also shared my opinion on several issues, and when I do I hope that my personality comes through. I hope that I present the real me.

When I've met people who follow my blog or follow me on Twitter, I've never had any of them tell me that I wasn't who they expected me to be, that I behaved totally different in real life than I convey in my writing.

I don't share every aspect of my life on my blog. I try not to write about the everyday, boring, mundane parts of my days. When I'm sad or depressed, I may come up with some ideas for writing, but I won't share what makes me sad or depressed (unless there's a good story in there).

This blog isn't a diary, nor is it even a scrapbook of events that shape my life. That said, you could take pieces of this blog and get a snapshot of the type of person that I am.

A couple of years ago, on my other blog, I made a list of 25 facts about my life. I wrote it when I discovered that people outside of my family and friends were reading my blog. I wanted to let people know a little something about me.

I've been writing The Brown Knowser for almost two years and have nearly 3,000 visitors each month. For some bloggers, that's not many, but for me, it's a lot. Thank you for reading.

For those of you who don't know me, here are a few facts about me. Some were used in my other blog; some are new.
  • I was born in Montréal.
  • My French is very bad, even though I work in Québec and half of my family on my mother's side is Francophone.
  • I'm named after Gregory Peck and get really pissed off when anyone calls me Greg. I only get a little miffed when someone calls me by my first name.
  • I have a general loathing of dogs.
  • The first time I was stung by a bee, I discovered that I'm allergic to them.
  • I once dropped my pants in my workplace because I was too hot.
  • I don't let anyone eat in my car, though people can pig out in my van.
  • I like singing around the house, despite my kids' protests.
  • I like to speak with a Scottish accent, especially around the house, even though there's only a smidgen of Scottish blood in me.
  • I have a weakness for potato chips. If there's a bag in the house, it won't stand a chance against me.
  • I love drinking beer and writing about it, but I get bored when people get into the technical aspects of making it.
  • I find painting a room very relaxing. But only when no one is home.
  • I've been known to get so angry that I hurt my vocal chords.
  • I broke my leg playing soccer.
  • I have bone from my hip in my right foot.
  • Although I can be sociable in crowds, I'm morbidly shy in a one-on-one situation.
  • I have a morbid fear of bears and was once bitten by one.
  • I love floating on my back in a lake.
  • I once let a cop off with a warning.
  • I have been abducted. I spent most of that time laughing.
  • I can't help editing everything I read.
  • My favourite colour is red.
  • I work better with music playing in the background.
  • I love to drive and am a lousy passenger.
  • I'm not a morning person. If you're cheery around me shorty after I've awaken, I'll bite your head off.


  1. "This blog isn't a diary, nor is it even a scrapbook of events that shape my life. That said, you could take pieces of this blog and get a snapshot of the type of person that I am."

    Yes! That's exactly what I was trying to say. I see too many "diaries" which can be somewhat voyeuristic, IMO. Yet I'm equally guilty of reading them, wholeheartedly...

    And thank you, this has just inspired my next post :)

    1. Funny: your post inspired me to get my thoughts out for this post. Thanks for the push and for your comments.